Clients of our customers are also our clients.
Our mission to maintain the best supplier position covers our responsibility to assist our customers to fulfill the expectations of their clients.

We shall progress more than the market requirements.
We shall be ready today to fulfill the market’s future requirements.

We shall be participatory at management.
Each of us should take resposibility to achieve our objectives and goals. Therefore, we shall be always voicing our opinions and recognizing the other opinions in the company.

We shall conduct our business with superior business ethics.
We are committed to execute our business relations with highest ethical standards, good intentions and fair treatment.

Our people is an important asset.
Knowing that our people determine the quality of our products and services, we recruit the best and provide oppotunities for advancement. Our offices are managed to create cooperation, solidarity, and  productivity.

We shall do the best to ensure safety and healthful work environments.
We are committed to take the necessary precautions against accidents and provide safety training  to our people and our clients' people.

We shall protect and conserve the nature.
Each of us has respect to nature and take the responsibility to protect and conserve it. 

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