Hamdi Başaran  (1913-1987),  the founder of the Habaş Group was  a  model to his family and colleagues with his hard working, entrepreneur nature and always shared with them the pleasure of success obtained at  business he pioneered.

Hamdi Başaran began running his own business at his early ages and opened the first flour mill of Eastern Turkey, later on he worked on construction and textiles business.

In 1956 he founded “Hamdi Başaran Topkapi Oxygen Production Plant” to implement oxygen gas production in a modern way and renamed it to its current name in 1967 with the opening of the air separation plant to produce liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon first time in Turkey at Topkapi / Istanbul.

Later on Hamdi Başaran pioneered Habaş to many investments on modern industrial and medical gases production plants and cylinder filling stations making them easily available countrywide.

Hamdi Başaran used to say “National manufactured equipments should have the maximum share in our investments, we have to search for the appropriate workshops”. Believing  that national industry and human resources were capable to manufacture many imported equipment, Hamdi Başaran encouraged his family and colleagues to behave so. Furthermore, in 1969 he founded Habaş Industrial Plants Inc., to implement  metal equipment fabrication steel gas cylinder fabrication.

Since the years of 1970’ s until to 1987, Hamdi Başaran pioneered Habaş to  progress in industrial and medical gases sector, LPG sector and steel production.

Throughout his life, Hamdi Başaran expressed, "We can only reach to success by hard working. Furthermore, to sustain the success, we should never tolerate from the quality of our products and services. We have to keep up investing and the reliability to us should continuous grow up”.

Hamdi Başaran always felt the pleasure of seeing his family and colleagues consider his cardinal principle Service, Quality, Reliability" as their’s own and that his last name (*) identify to how he has performed.

(*)  Başaran means “The Succeeder”


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