Habaş began distributing Liquified Petroleum Gas or LPG in cylinders in 1972  through  ASGAZ Anadolu Industrial Gases Inc. which was founded by Habaş. Later on Habaş Petroleum Products Inc.  was founded in 1992 to deliver bulk LPG countrywide to consumers and besides to gasoline stations as fuel for vehicles under the brand “Habaş Euro Autogas”.

In 1993 Pegagaz Inc., which was one of the outstanding companies of the sector has been merged  to enlarge market share.

Habaş LPG Group  is active at  five management zones located at Yarımca / Izmit, Aliaga / Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Sultanköy and Cerkezkoy / Tekirdag. Each management zone is equipped with LPG storage tanks  and cylinder filling stations. The total LPG storage capacity at the zones is 28000 m3.

 The LPG group owns a sea vessel with 5000 m3 LPG storage capacity to transport imported LPG to his sea terminal at Yarımca / Izmit.

Today the LPG Group either directly or through 360 distributers distribute LPG to his many customers including gasoline stations which are over 200.

Customer’s  LPG consumption level determines the form of the delivery. Ones that consume high rate receive LPG on bulk basis, on the other hand low rate consumers receive LPG in steel cylinders having capacities of 2, 12, 24 and 45 kg .

Bulk LPG is delivered by Habaş’ s fleet of TIR-tankers to customer’s site and delivered in the storage tank belonging to Habaş which is assigned to usage of the customer. The storage tanks  are manufactured according to international standarts and certified by third party inspection and controlling institutes. Storage tank capacities vary from 500 liters to 180.000 liters.

Habaş offers services before and after the sales. Services before the sales cover offers that best suit the customers need for technical equipment, sustainable rivalrity and cost. After sales services cover customers need mainly for new equipment, new gas application technologies, training and resizing installed equipment due to probable change at customers’ LPG consumption rates.

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